Just in Time at Jaguar Landrover


We have just completed work on four Just in Time (JITs) delivery systems at Jaguar Landrover in Solihull UK. The Rockwell Guard Logix based systems fully automate the removal of parts from lorry trailers and facilitate the delivery to the point of fit on the production line for the new Range Rover Sport. 

Three JIT’s systems were installed,

Instrument Panels, Seat Sets and Bumpers – Each part is delivered pre-assembled by articulated lorry trailers that have conveyor systems installed to interface with the Rockwell Guard Logix JIT’s DCP PLC Control system. Variable numbers are delivered in production sequence and are transferred out of the trailer and onto a mezzanine deck in the roof space via Drop Section (Lift) before being transferred to the fit point via turntables, shuttles, conveyors and lifts. The Rockwell GuardLogix PLC control systems operate without manual intervention following the lorry drivers press of the start button.

All new PLC systems within Jaguar Landrover are now programmed using DCP which is a controlled programming standard to ensure consistency across all equipment. Diagnostic Control Programming (DCP) is also used by the Ford Motor Company. Multiple GuardLogix PLC processors are housed in central PLC racks within PLC Panels, all Inputs, Outputs (I/O), Inverters etc are connected to the PLC Processors via Ethernet through ENet cards. Operators and maintenance personnel are able to operate the plant via CMU’s (HMI’s / Operator Interfaces) these are Allen Bradley Versaview units, multiple Versview’s are used on each system to allow convenient access to controls. The DCP programming standard also standardises the operator interface where the focus is on diagnostic text rather than graphics.